FrontCover_WebA Walk Around O’ahu: My Personal Pilgrimage: Join Art as he walks around his home island, O’ahu. Part travelogue, part photo book, and part quirky travel guide, you’re sure to enjoy the journey!

MARGE FrontCoverWebMARGE: A Whole-Brain Learning Approach for Students and Teachers is a booklet filled with tips and techniques for efficient student learning DOWNLOAD PDF.

Get SMART! Five Steps Toward a Healthy Brain offers tips and information to foster healthy living and lifelong learning. The title helps you to remember the five steps: Get Social, Get Moving, Get Artistic, Get Responsive, and Get Thinking!

Experiencing ArtExperiencing Art: In the Brain of the Beholder explores what we do when we look at a work of art. Take a fun and leisurely tour of the art world as we consider the science of seeing, feeling, and thinking.

State of the Arts is a satiric novel that pokes fun at the oddities of contemporary art. Ted Shearing, mild mannered professor of art history, is depressed and dismayed by his academic life. He begins to express his own feelings with explosives and blowtorch. Suddenly, Ted finds himself at the center of the contemporary art world. Follow Ted in this satiric romp as he questions the state of the arts.

Psychocinematics: Exploring Cognition at the Movies is the first scholarly volume that explores the science of watching movies. Shimamura coined the term, “psychocinematics,” and following his introductory chapter, philosophers, psychologists, and brain scientists offer their perspectives on the topic.MindsEyeCover

In the Mind’s Eye: A collection of Art’s landscape, abstract, and close-up photography.

In Sand Haiku, Shimamura uses photographs to inspire his poetry. Both words and images are presented together in a way that captures a moment in time and portrays it as an expressive thought or feeling. Shimamura  considers these haiku like the fleeting images on the sandy beach, between waves, when the shore is tossled then momentarily stilled, until the next wave arrives.